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A Portion of the Simonsen Iron Works Production Facility
Simonsen Iron Works has a wide range of capabilities to meet your light, medium, or heavy duty production needs.  Our 130,000sf facility in Spencer, Iowa houses an impressive number and variety of machines to accomplish numerous fabrication, welding, painting, assembly, warehousing, and shipping assignments.  Our facility in Thurston, Nebraska lends additional resources including an in-house staff of degreed engineers, a fully integrated sales and marketing team, and a technical service department.  This allows us the ability to take your idea from a concept to a fully marketed and serviced product.  Whether you require production of a single component in high quantity, or a finished product with marketing and service support, our experienced staff is eager to earn your business.

For a better understanding of our capabilities, please visit the following links:

Capabilities Statement

List of Machines in Spencer, Iowa

List of Machines in Thurston, Nebraska